The DOE is assessing the need for student devices in the fall. Similar to last year, iPads will be distributed based on high need priorities such as vulnerable populations (i.e. students in temporary housing, foster care) and students who lack internet connection at home. 


In order to help identify families still in need of devices, we are asking that families fill out the Remote Learning Device Request Form by Monday, August 31. Families can complete the form at the link above or call the help desk for assistance at 718-935-5100.


If families do not know their child’s OSIS number, please ask them to enter all 9s in the OSIS number box to complete the form.


Please note August 31 is not a hard deadline, as the form will remain open throughout the year for families to use to notify schools of new devices and internet connectivity needs. However, we urge programs to have as many families complete the form by August 31 as possible for the DOE to properly identify needs and do our best to acquire the right amount of devices. 

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