Basketball School

Fall – Winter – Spring

AGES: 5-12

Our basketball school provides an excellent introduction to basketball, teaching students a variety of different skills including: dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, and rebounding. Classes are taught in a structured and organized environment, incorporating warm-ups, age appropriate skill development, flexibility, coordination and balance, focusing to improve the motor skills of each individual participant. H.E.S. Basketball School is a perfect opportunity to develop a foundation for future development for all children interested in basketball.




AGES: 6-17

Looking to take your basketball skills to the next level? Our program is designed for dedicated athlete and players who want to focus on skill development and advanced techniques as they prepare to compete at the high school or AAU level. Our program focuses on individual instruction and team-oriented drills, to improve all aspects of each student’s ability. Lessons are designed to improve on essential basketball skills with an emphasis on speed, conditioning, strength and agility. We encourage all of our players to compete with confidence and enthusiasm, while striving to improve on their abilities each and every day.