COVID-19 Social Services Resources


Make sure to join our SOCIAL SERVICES Google Classroom for real-time updated materials on how to help keep yourself and your family safe during COVID-19.

To join the H.E.S.’ SOCIAL SERVICE department’s Google Classroom simply CLICK HERE and enter code tylpexj


FREE MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING –  Services available to anyone by calling the COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline at 1-844-863-9314.


VOLUNTEERING THROUGH COVID-19CLICK HERE and learn about a few unique ways to give back during COVID-19.


THE 7 PILLARS TO SELF-CARE DURING COVID-19CLICK HERE for some easy self-care ideas you can you with yourself and your children during this time.


ASSISTANCE FOR VIRUS ANXIETYCLICK HERE for access to a variety of support options as we navigate anxiety during COVID-19.


NATIONAL ALLIaNCE ON MENTAL HEALTHCLICK HERE to download their guide the mental health during COVID-19.