AGES: 4-13

The H.E.S. Dance School offers a variety of different classes for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. Each class is held in our air-conditioned facility and taught by our highly experienced and advanced instructors.


Ballet: This beginner level classical ballet class teaches proper and effective warm-ups, positioning, body alignment, strength, flexibility and balance through barre and center work.

Jazz: Jump! Extend! Flex! This fast-paced physical style allows participants to loosen up muscles and move freely while discovering different personalities and routines.

Lyrical • Contemporary: Participants learn to express emotion through a combination of slow jazz movements, modern dance on stretching the body through abstract warm-ups and movements.

Hip-Hop: Children will learn the foundations of Hip-Hop and develop rhythmic awareness and strengthen muscles through this fun and engaging class. Basic breaking, popping and locking will be covered and elements of original choreography will be introduced.