Family Services

No Matter what age group or family structure, The Hebrew Educational Society aims to strengthen familial and community bonds through a diverse blend of family services.

Each month we strive to help inform our community members about topics that are relevant to them.

These workshops are aimed at helping adults, families, and children learn strategies for success as they connect with their peers.  Such topics include financial literacy, safety, preparing our children for the future, and much more!


Need help?  Not sure where to turn when you have questions about the emotional, educational, social, and day-to-day needs of your family?  Let us assist you in finding the next step to ensure that you can maintain the happy and healthy life that you deserve for yourself and your family.


We strive to help our children develop the life skills they need to become successful adults.  Social skills, self-esteem building, problem solving skills, conflict resolution skills, communication skills are all a part of our programs designed to help children avoid high risk behaviors and fulfil their full potential.


Parenting is hard work!  This can be especially true of caregivers to children with disabilities.  We provide a forum for parents to connect with each other as they learn to navigate the social, emotional, financial, and physical needs of children with disabilities.