FREE Small Business Social Media Course

FREE 4-Week Small Business Social Media Marketing Course

June 14th concluding the week of July 5th

Live classes each Sunday | 8:30 – 9:15 PM


Thank you so much to everyone who registered for our FREE Social Media Marketing Course.

At this time the registration is closed. 


The course will cover marketing strategies pertaining to Instagram, Facebook, and Email Marketing. You will learn how to create exciting content and how to best reach your target market. This course is ideal for those looking to enter the world of social media marketing to properly market their business or product, or just to get a hands-on learning experience. The course will be given by author and CEO of “Only Results Marketing”, Prof. Michael Diamantstein.


Each course will use the website ZOOM to broadcast the class; links will be provided post-registration. 


Classes are given with your schedule in mind and allow for the most flexibility possible by using both live sessions & prerecorded video tutorials. Here’s how it works: On Sunday evening of each week, at 8:30 PM, a live 1-hour webinar will be given by the professor explaining the lesson of the week. We recommend you join the live session, however, a recording will be available for those unable to make it. You will then be provided, via a Google Drive folder, with additional materials to help explain the lesson.
  • The materials will include:
  • A Powerpoint detailing the steps
  • A short clip from the Professor
  • An article pertaining to the lesson
Additional links to help you with the material. An assignment will be given for each lesson. although you are not obligated to complete it, we do encourage you to work on it and send it to the Professor for feedback.


To ensure that each student gets the proper instruction, we have a limited number of spots available. Just 20 spots available!

The course begins on June 14th concluding the week of July 5th.


Because this is an online course, a basic knowledge of computers is a must. A webcam is preferable. Additionally, a basic knowledge of social media is a must.


Free! (A $650 value)