Martial Arts


AGES: 4-16

The H.E.S. Karate School is not like any dojo. We are a family and team with a common goal to better the future of our youth.

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Our unique Martial Arts Program combines two very different Martial Arts disciplines in Ju-Jitsu and traditional Karate, teaching students a variety of different skills and techniques.

The H.E.S. Karate Students start their training with a strong foundation in Shotokan Karate, allowing them to develop their self-confidence, discipline and physical strength in this program. Ju-Jitsu is added to their learning curriculum as they progress and develop, teaching them various self-defense moves and other practical techniques to respond in real-life situations.

For more info on enrollment, please contact the Physical Education Department at (718) 241-3000.

Karate Kick