Board of Directors

The H.E.S. would like to thank the Board of Directors for their expertise, guidance and contribution in helping us to develop and advance our facility and services. Their leadership and support of our vision helps guide our staff and community of Southeast Brooklyn each and every day.



Heidi Lurensky

Vice President

Amy Steiner

Vice President

Carly Chase


Michael Bieber

Oleg Krayets


  • Howard Altschul
  • Adam Burk
  • Neal Duncan
  • Allan Fried
  • Zachary Goldstein
  • Robert Greebel
  • Dr. Alysha Jacobs
  • Dr. Martin Jacobs
  • Jeffrey Keller
  • Richard Mack
  • Larry Portnoy
  • Michael Seiman

Honorary Board

  • Michele Bank
  • Sam Goldstein
  • Rabbi Jacob Greenberg
  • Powel F. Wartel

President Emeritus
Irving Schwartz