H.E.S. Staff


Moshit Rivkin

Executive Director

(718) 241-3000 x121

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Michael Gordon

Chief Program Officer

(718) 241-3000 x123

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Daniel Kleinman

Chief Financial Officer

(718) 241-3000 x114

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Kim Ellen Cowan

Human Resources Director

(718) 241-3000 x116

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Social Services

Samantha Vincent

Social Services Director

(718) 241-3000 x129

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Marlisa Perry

Social Worker

(718) 241-3000 x135

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Ashley Ligene

Department of Youth & Community Development Coordinator

(718) 241-3000 x145

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Ilene Stavrach

Food Pantry Director

(718) 241-3000 x124

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Irina Safonova

Social Adult Day Care Director

(718) 241-3000 x132

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Disability Services

Ericka Charles

Disability Services Director

(718) 241-3000 x133

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Javier Mejia-Vasquez

Disability Services Assistant Director

(718) 241-3000 x143

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Vlad Pinkhusovich

Disability Services Case Manager

(718) 241-3000 x146

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Early Childhood
After School & Summer Camp

Tonya Williams

Early Childhood Director

(718) 241-3000 x130

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Raymona Pittman

Early Childhood Assistant Director

(718) 241-3000 x119

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Steven Lebowitz

After School & Summer Camp Director

(718) 241-3000 x142

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Ricole Beaubian

After School & Summer Camp Assistant Director

(718) 241-3000 x136

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Music School
Sports, Fitness and Aquatics

Natalie Holsman

Music School Director

(718) 241-3000 x134

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Adam Elzgary

Sports, Fitness & Aquatics Coordinator

(718) 241-3000 x140

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Alan Zhenilenko

Aquatics Coordinator

(718) 241-3000 x137

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Maurice Davidson

Facilities Director

(718) 241-3000 x125

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Maryam Said

Marketing & Registration Coordinator

(718) 241-3000 x147

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Katleen Belony

Registration Coordinator

(718) 241-3000 x131

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Colleen Edwards-Stallings

Registration Coordinator

(718) 241-3000 x122

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Front Desk and Office