Serving and fostering Brooklyn communities for more than 100 years, and supported by it for just as long.

Dear H.E.S. members, participants, and Southeast Brooklyn family, 
During the COVID-19 adjustments, our dedicated staff is committed to continuing to connect the community and ensure that we, the Hebrew Educational Society (H.E.S.),  provide you, our family, with high-quality virtual content alongside in-person food services, while simultaneously caring for our families. 
As an agency, we are committed to ensuring that our staff continues to receive salary and support to run the incredible programming they are providing. However, we cannot do it alone. 
We are hopeful that our members, clients, donors, and program participants will continue to support the Hebrew Educational Society in all ways possible during this period to allow us to continue to do so.  YOUR direct support and help will allow us to ensure that we can serve the Southeast Brooklyn community today, tomorrow, and for years to come.
If you are interested in making a monetary donation whether it is $5 or $500, please below to donate today. 
If you are interested in donating your membership dues or program fees, please contact our registration office for assistance. 
We thank you for your commitment to our beloved H.E.S. and wish you and your loved ones continued health and safety. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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