Camp Xtra is a unit within H.E.S. Day Camp that caters to children with developmental disabilities. Campers are in a safe haven where they can feel comfortable and enjoy their summer in the least restrictive environment.  Children in Camp Xtra are mainstreamed within H.E.S.’ Summer Camp with the support of a counselor. The appropriate level of assistance is assessed for each child based on their individual needs, from group setting to 1:1 camper/staff ratio. Children participate in general camp activities and enriched activities. Children go on trips that are appropriate for their individual needs. Transportation (from local areas), lunch and snack are provided.  Please see sample trip calendar and lunch menu below.
Camp Xtra

The eligibility requirements for Camp Xtra are as follows:

  • Your child must be between the ages of 5-17.
  • The child must have an IEP.
  • If a child has received OPWDD Waiver Services, the Care Manager must provide their Level of Care (LOC), Life Plan, Notice of Decision (NOD), Psychological and Psycho-social evaluations.

Additionally, children 7+ must be toilet trained to attend the Camp Xtra Program. Each child must engage in an intake meeting with the Director of Programs for People with Disabilities prior to being admitted to the program.

Please contact the Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities Department regarding any questions.

Camp Xtra