The H.E.S., located on Brooklyn’s South Side, is a full-service gym with everything you need to exceed your fitness goals. Our members are as diverse as our programs, and your membership gives you access to a fitness experience like no other.

Swim laps in our 25-yard indoor pool, find your fitness level with our group exercise classes, push it to the next level with personal training, semi-private classes and private instruction.

We offer a mix of expert instruction, training, & competitive league play for a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, & more

What We Offer:
  • Fitness Membership
  • Learn to Swim
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Tennis
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance
  • Youth Fitness

For more information on any Sports, Fitness, and Aquatics programs, please contact Vlad at 718-241-3000 ext. 137 or at

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A membership in our temperature controlled facility offers members programs and amenities to take advantage of daily. Members can use our state-of-the-art Olympic sized swimming pool, newly upgraded fitness center featuring resistance training and cardio equipment, or hardwood gymnasium floors to enjoy a fun and effective workout.

Our fitness club offers our members convenient hours of operations, including women only, men only and co-ed hours in the swimming pool. Handball, paddle courts, basketball, volleyball, saunas in our male & female locker rooms table-tennis, professional and caring staff, and much more awaits you at our club.

In addition, club members also receive discounts on other services and programs at the H.E.S. Our Adult Fitness Programs, including Adult Boot Camp, Cardio-Kickboxing for Women and Yoga are included in the health club membership for members to enjoy weekly. Our family packages are not only affordable, but offer great value and service for the entire family to enjoy.

Membership Levels and Packages:

  • Family, Single Parent Family, Adult, Senior, Senior Couple and Teen Memberships.
  • Memberships Available: Month To Month  • Six Month • One Year
  • Babysitting Services Are Available Upon Request For All Adult Programs

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AGES: 4-13

The H.E.S. Dance School offers a variety of different classes for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. Each class is held in our air-conditioned facility and taught by our highly experienced and advanced instructors.


Ballet: This beginner level classical ballet class teaches proper and effective warm-ups, positioning, body alignment, strength, flexibility and balance through barre and center work.

Jazz: Jump! Extend! Flex! This fast-paced physical style allows participants to loosen up muscles and move freely while discovering different personalities and routines.

Lyrical • Contemporary: Participants learn to express emotion through a combination of slow jazz movements, modern dance on stretching the body through abstract warm-ups and movements.

Hip-Hop: Children will learn the foundations of Hip-Hop and develop rhythmic awareness and strengthen muscles through this fun and engaging class. Basic breaking, popping and locking will be covered and elements of original choreography will be introduced.



AGES: 4 – 12

Grab your tennis racket and get ready to play!

Our tennis program focuses on basic game play, skill refinement as well as practice and match play to develop consistent, well-rounded tennis players.

Each player is given personal attention and taught through repetition in an enjoyable, lively atmosphere. 
Our experienced coaches break down the fundamental skills of tennis through easily understood games and exercises to help improve the athlete’s overall coordination and technique. Players learn proper grips, footwork, strokes, volleys, serves and rules of the game during a series of drills designed to teach skills in a fun and dynamic way.


AGES: 4-16

The H.E.S. Karate School is not like any dojo. We are a family and team with a common goal to better the future of our youth.

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Our unique Martial Arts Program combines two very different Martial Arts disciplines in Ju-Jitsu and traditional Karate, teaching students a variety of different skills and techniques.

The H.E.S. Karate Students start their training with a strong foundation in Shotokan Karate, allowing them to develop their self-confidence, discipline and physical strength in this program. Ju-Jitsu is added to their learning curriculum as they progress and develop, teaching them various self-defense moves and other practical techniques to respond in real-life situations.

For more info on enrollment, please contact the Physical Education Department at (718) 241-3000.

Karate Kick


In addition to our newly renovated fitness center equipped with brand new cardio equipment, H.E.S. also offers a variety of different courses aimed towards improving the health & wellness of adults of all ages and fitness levels.

What We Offer:


The H.E.S. Kickboxing Program offers women the opportunity to enjoy a high intensity full-body cardio workout along with development of valuable self-defense abilities. Our classes work to improve balance, coordination, and strength. Each class differs in the combinations taught and includes effective total abdominal workouts which target different groups of muscles. Come prepared to work hard while having fun in this exciting class that will get you in the shape you’ve dreamed of.

Five or ten class options available
Also Included in The H.E.S. Health Club Membership

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The H.E.S. Adult Boot Camp is intense, challenging, and designed to get you in the shape of your life. Our effective and individualized routines, combined with our supportive and motivated instructors, separate our unique program from the others. Our workouts are safe and effective and are designed to leave you feeling fit, toned, strong and motivated. Classes include cardio, core strengthening, core sculpting, stretching and emphasis on proper form, breathing, technique and safety. We welcome everyone of all skill and fitness levels. We’re here to improve together.

Change the way you look and improve the way you feel!

Five or ten class options available
Also Included in The H.E.S. Health Club Membership

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Take an hour off from your busy schedule and come join us for Yoga at the H.E.S. You’ll have the opportunity to learn various yoga postures, deep breathing techniques and gain a sense of peace and stability. The benefits of yoga are well documented and help achieve the following.

  • Relaxation of body and mind
  • Increased energy
  • Greater self-discipline
  • Increased self-determination
  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • Improvements in blood circulation

Five or ten class options available
Also Included in The H.E.S. Health Club Membership

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H.E.S. Personal Trainers are fitness professionals who have been involved in the sport, fitness and health industries for many years. Our trainers create individualized training programs catered to the lifestyles, goals, and interests of every client, with the overall goal of improving general health & wellness. Whether you’re looking for weight loss, muscle gain, toning, or sport performance – you’ve come to the right place.

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Fall – Winter – Spring

AGES: 4-12

With a focus on competitive play, our soccer school curriculum will help develop each player’s skill and confidence. All training focuses on technical development including basic skills with the ball and game play.

Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized.

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AGES: 4 – 12

At the H.E.S. Soccer Clinic, we offer unique programs for kids that teach soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment. Our philosophy is to use soccer to nurture, to build self-confidence, and to develop teamwork in every class.

Outdoor Experience. Games will be played at Seaview Park grass field.

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Basketball School

Fall – Winter – Spring

AGES: 5-12

Our basketball school provides an excellent introduction to basketball, teaching students a variety of different skills including: dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, and rebounding. Classes are taught in a structured and organized environment, incorporating warm-ups, age appropriate skill development, flexibility, coordination and balance, focusing to improve the motor skills of each individual participant. H.E.S. Basketball School is a perfect opportunity to develop a foundation for future development for all children interested in basketball.




AGES: 6-17

Looking to take your basketball skills to the next level? Our program is designed for dedicated athlete and players who want to focus on skill development and advanced techniques as they prepare to compete at the high school or AAU level. Our program focuses on individual instruction and team-oriented drills, to improve all aspects of each student’s ability. Lessons are designed to improve on essential basketball skills with an emphasis on speed, conditioning, strength and agility. We encourage all of our players to compete with confidence and enthusiasm, while striving to improve on their abilities each and every day.