Sunday, April 14, 2024 Premiere

More Showings to Come

About The Film

In the heart of Canarsie, Brooklyn, where the echo of gunshots threatens the future of its youngest, “Beyond the Silence – A Stand Against Gun Violence” emerges as a beacon of hope and resilience. This compelling short documentary, brought to life by the Hebrew Educational Society (H.E.S.) and produced by Pomonok Films, delves into the profound impact of gun violence on children and teens in this vibrant community. Through the eyes of those most vulnerable, the film uncovers the raw, untold stories of how the specter of violence forever alters lives.

Beyond the Silence” is more than a documentary; it’s a call to action, inviting schools, community centers, leaders, and every concerned citizen to engage in a critical dialogue. It challenges us to look beyond the statistics and see the faces, the dreams, and the potential of every young person at risk. By raising pivotal questions and fostering dialogue, it shines a spotlight on the enduring efforts and spirit of a community unwavering in its mission to secure a promising future for its younger generations.