Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2023

Thank you to all of our staff and volunteers that joined us for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

Together, we packed 200 containers of soup that were donated to senior homes and 200 care packages that were donated to two shelters. Along with the care packages, 128 clean coats were donated to those shelters, as well. Our Food Pantry packaged 55 boxes for pick up orders. Children created an “I Have a Dream” cloud in the Arts and Craft Center. We also had the opportunity to provide our community with free mammogram screenings in partnership with American Italian Cancer Center.

As a community we came together, served many people in our community and made an impact. We had a wonderful MLK Day.

If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities with the H.E.S., we have a robust Volunteer Program. Volunteer opportunities are open in the following departments- Food Pantry, Sports, Disability Services, After School, Early Childhood and Administrative. You can inquire about volunteer opportunities by sending an email to volunteer@thehes.org. Please join us for future community events!

MLK Day 3
MLK Day 2

Stand Together

The H.E.S. has and will always stand against hate. No matter who it affects, or how it takes shape. Year after year, our family and community works tirelessly to embrace diversity in every form. We practice inclusion, advocate tolerance, and give our shared community of cultures and ideas a space to grow together, share dialogue, and learn from one another. 

But this work cannot end at our building’s boundaries, and we refuse to let it stop there. The H.E.S. will always forge forward to bring a voice to those that feel silenced, and to help those in dire need. We advocate for nothing less than absolute equality, equity, and dignity for all. Rights that cannot and will not be influenced by shape, culture, creed, color, or community.

The journey may be long, but we will make it there together.