Your H.E.S. Story


The H.E.S. has welcomed the Brooklyn community and beyond for well over a hundred years, and served thousands of individuals and their families within that time.

With that, the H.E.S. would like to welcome our community to share their personal connection to the H.E.S through our new storytelling mission – H.E.S. Stories!

Whether you’re new to the building and want to share the experience you’ve had with us so far, or an amazing, decades-old moment you’ve always remembered, complete the short form below to share your name and story with us.

Who knows, you might just find your story shared with the rest of our community somewhere soon!

Your H.E.S. Story

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  • What impact has the H.E.S. Community Center made on your life? What is your most memorable time at the H.E.S., and why?
  • If so, please leave your best email or phone number below.