CDG and COVID-19 Disparities

In January 2022, the H.E.S. was awarded federal funding to address COVID-19 disparities and to support COVID-19 recovery via a COVID Disparities Grant (CDG). A component of this grant was to create a collaborative approach, by building partnerships within communities heavily impacted by COVID.

The purpose of the project and grant was to launch an organized model for reducing COVID-19 disparities by reducing the risk for COVID-19 infection, building social cohesion, and meeting basic social needs and racial inequities.

The project aimed to:

  • Expand the engagement of a Community Health Worker workforce to leverage their deep community roots, institutional relationships, and neighborhood expertise
  • Build community resilience
  • Catalyze change within systems
  • Increase preparedness for future emergencies

For more information about the H.E.S. and the COVID-19 Disparities Grant, contact Dr. Alethea Henry at (718) 241-3000 ext.139 or email [email protected].