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Basketball Clinic

The Skills and Drills Clinic provides an excellent introduction to basketball while teaching Athletes a variety of different skills including dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, and rebounding.
Practices are operated in a structured and organized environment, incorporating warm-ups, age-appropriate skill development, flexibility, coordination, and balance, while focusing on improving the motor skills of each individual participant.
For athletes of higher skill sets, the focus is geared toward nurturing their talent to help players become the best version of themselves through high-intensity workouts, progression, and rigorous repetitions.
All of our coaches are USA Basketball Certified.
Shirts will be provided
Monday/Wednesday Clinic 10 weeks 

$600 Non-Members               6-9yrs (5pm-7pm)

$500 Members                      10-13yrs (6pm-7pm)

Sunday Clinic 10 weeks

$300 Non-Members               5-8yrs (11am-12pm)

$250 Members                       9-11yrs (12pm-1pm)



Basketball Leagues

Reversible jerseys provided.
Our basketball league is a program that is dedicated to giving players the experience of a full court basketball game.
Our goal is to enhance your child’s game knowledge and overall confidence/performance when on the court.
It is a 10 week program, the first 2 weeks are training and evaluation with the coaches. The next 8 weeks will be strictly gameplay.
Full court games, live scoreboard, and a referee to provide a real gameplay experience.
Sunday 1pm-3pm (Ages 12-17) 10 weeks

$175 Non-Members

$125 Members



Basketball Training Camp

Training sessions run by Coach Tone.
Advanced athletes partake in intense basketball training that’ll allow them to become the best athlete they can be.
Rigorous workouts help discipline players and shape them into prestigious athletes. A wide variety of the workouts will be both in a team workout and in an individual workout.
Participants will learn how to be cooperative and supportive within a team environment.
Wide variety of Sports equipment available such as:
  • VertiMax machine for increased speed and jump height.
  • A Basketball shooting machine to rebound for you while getting consistent shots.
  • A D-Man to simulate a real life defender.
  • Reversible jerseys provided.


Monday/Friday 5pm-7pm (Ages 12-14)
Wednesday Friday 5pm-7pm (Ages 15-17)

$200/month for Non-Members

$150/month for Members